Meet Will Help Entourage

About Meet Will Help Entourage

Available on
April 12, 2023 6:30 PM
April 12, 2023 8:00 PM
The Metavers event to discover the Entourage association and help with Crypto & Euro donations
Meet Will Help Entourage

Discover the Entourage association and meet Will, its virtual homeless ambassador.

Meetings - Expo - Live stream - Donation campaign - Exclusive sale of NFT "I AM WILL

Throughout the event help us work against social exclusion and for a better world by supporting Entourage with crypto or euro donations via the "donation kiosks".

On the agenda:

- From 6.30 pm, join us in the central arena to meet and exchange

- At 6.40 pm, Jean-Marc Potdevin, President and founder of Entourage, will speak and launch the event

> Take a free tour of Will's world to discover the Entourage association in  the gallery area .

> Test your knowledge during "The street and you quiz" hosted by Clémence from Entourage and Eric, president of the Comité de la rue

> Participate in our NFT "I'M WILL" sale at the "Boutique" to support our actions.

- At 7pm, join the immersion in the streets of Paris with Elina, member of the association's Street Committee in the space "In the street with Elina".

Come and meet, exchange, discuss and create links!

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