Introducing our technology

Building the infrastructure for 3D experiences

The most complete stack for building 3D experiences

RLTY uses the most advanced technology in VR, cloud computing, blockchain and game engines.

Use the most complete stack for building 3D experiences and take your brand's imagination to the metaverse. Easily, fully-customisable, secure and at scale.  

Because the metaverse is continually evolving, our focus is on improving the end-user experience. We build everyday to optimize events and enhance the underlying tech.

Macbook Air with RLTY Event Platform on the screen

Zoom on RLTY product building blocks

AAA-Event Management Workflow
No-code cross-metaverse event builder
Proprietary Metaverse Environment
AAA-Event Management Workflow

A fully managed event creation process

Use our fully optimized workflow to build your event at the forefront of web3, quickly and easily. 


Select and customize your spaces


Deploy and test your event on RLTY test environments


Market your event through our launchpad


Monetize your event through NFT ticketing, Merch, Wearables & Collectibles


Access Analytics data after your event


Collect CRM data on attendees 

No-code cross-metaverse event builder

Easy to use no-code event generator

A large set of features available out-of-the-box:

Building custom branding


Merchandising dispensers

NFT Gallery

Booth area

Live streaming

Admin rights management

Scene access control

Donation box


Attendees “labelling”

3 MacBooks showing the RLTY platform

Empowering a full team to deliver

With our dedicated interface your whole team can participate. Assign tasks, delegate teams, build your virtual event together.


Give access to your collaborators and manage ACL rights.

RLTY Support

Interact live with our support team and event specialists.


Bring onboard 3D artists to deeply reshape our buildings according to your needs.


Willing to build a custom experience? Developers can create on-demand features on top of our platform.

Proprietary Metaverse Environment

RLTY Proprietary Environment

To advance the user experience in the metaverse, use RLTY World, the dedicated metaverse environment for free. 

RLTY ecosystem is integrated in our no-code platform and gives brands and event organizers an extra layer of improved graphics, security, unlimited scalability and extra event-based functionalities to optimize user experiences.

Superior Graphics



Advanced Features