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June 15, 2022 9:00 AM
June 16, 2022 7:00 PM
MET AMS is Europe's leading metaverse festival taking place in Amsterdam, June 2022.

MET AMS is Europe's leading metaverse festival taking place in Amsterdam, June 2022.

The 4-day festival is the first of its kind and will include keynotes, panels, talks and workshops as well as immersive experiences and installations from 100+ thought leaders, artists and brands shaping this space.

The event will explore different aspects of metaverse culture, from how NFTs and the metaverse are impacting every industry - from art and music through to fashion and gaming - as well as covering important topics like diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

The festival will bring to life the metaverse and the technology you’ve been reading about in a special way, making this one of the most immersive conferences to date.

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Key Features

Create and personnalise virtual stands to promote your company, partners, products, weareables or sponsors.
Create customised POAP for your event and then distribute them for free as a collectible to your event attendees.
Create and sell customised wearable and merchandising during your event.
Create NPC (Non Playable Characters) flow to interact with event visitors.
Display NFTs during your event. Add clickable link or description to promote and present them.
Broadcast livestream or video and share exclusive content with your event audience.
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We used the RLTY platform to create the metaverse twin of our conference, MET AMS, Europe's leading metaverse festival, taking place in Amsterdam, in June 2022. We have been impresed by the turnkey solution offered by RLTY and we look forward to continue our collaboration in the future!

Ed Howard

Event Director - MET AMS

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