MetaCircle Webinar Series

About MetaCircle Webinar Series

Available on
September 8, 2022 12:30 PM
September 9, 2022 2:00 PM
Inaugural Conference on Governance in the Metaverse
MetaCircle Webinar Series

Metacircle is a Think Tank focused on accelerating the development of the Metaverse ecosystem by advocating best practices, technology, economics, and ethical policies to engage with regulators and policymakers.

Discover our inaugural conference on governance in the Metaverse

Speakers :

  • Axel Dauchez
  • Gilles Mentré
  • Stéphane Fouks
  • Host : Philippe Rodriguez
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We used the RLTY solution for our inauguration event. The experience was perfect and match our expectations. We used a fully customised and branded "Metacircle" building which allowed us to host a hundred of people to share our conference both online in Decentraland and in person. Simple and tailor-made. We will use RLTY again in the future for sure.

Benjamin Cornu

Founding Member - Metacircle

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