Metaday #1 Clinique des Champs Elysées

About Metaday #1 Clinique des Champs Elysées

Available on
October 19, 2022 10:00 AM
October 19, 2022 9:00 PM
Discover the first Metaday organised by the Champs Elysées clinic
Metaday #1 Clinique des Champs Elysées

The Champs-Élysées clinic launches the first event dedicated to medical wellness in the Metaverse. On Wednesday 19 October, with a "virtual open day" dedicated to the theme of obesity and weight loss.

Over the 2023 year, in partnership with RLTY, five other open days will be held, all of which will be dedicated to themes with a medico-social focus.

It's a first in the medical wellness industry: the Champs Élysées clinic will offer a digital experience never seen before in Decentraland. The aim of this event is to provide patients with innovative and effective solutions to fight against obesity and overweight: diagnosis, dietary assessment, medical advice, exchanges with experts in nutrition and bariatric surgery, patient testimonials, information on suitable treatments, etc.

Many specialists will be present, including Professor David Nocca, Founding President of the "Ligue Contre l'Obésité" (League Against Obesity) and head of the bariatric and metabolic surgery unit at the CHU in Montpellier.

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