The Fabricant’s #WoWFashion Fest

About The Fabricant’s #WoWFashion Fest

Available on
September 20, 2022 5:00 PM
September 22, 2022 8:00 PM
Explore The Runway At The Fabricant’s 3-Day #WoWFashion Fest
The Fabricant’s #WoWFashion Fest

Created in collaboration with RLTY and World of Women

Fashionauts! Welcome to The Fabricant’s #WoWFashion Fest, a three-day event full of exhibitions, meet n greets, wearables and panels all in celebration of our digital fashion collab with World of Women!

We are building an epic and immersive custom space with RLTY where you can explore the celebrations, check out the live DJ sets and meet the material creators and other special guests from the collab.

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We’ll see you in the metaverse!
The Fabricant #WoWFashion Fest experience takes place September 20 - September 22.

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Key Features

Create and personnalise virtual stands to promote your company, partners, products, weareables or sponsors.
Broadcast livestream or video and share exclusive content with your event audience.
Create and sell customised wearable and merchandising during your event.
Create a full party environment with disco balls, avatars show, lights and dancefloor.
Organise a hunt which means that participant will have to collect some coins or something else to get a reward.
Display NFTs during your event. Add clickable link or description to promote and present them.
Create customised POAP for your event and then distribute them for free as a collectible to your event attendees.
Create NPC (Non Playable Characters) flow to interact with event visitors.
Create a VIP or private area, manage the entrance and display specific content to this audience.
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We organised a 3-day metaverse Fashion Fest using the RLTY platform and it was a great success. The event featured exhibitions, meet & greets, wearables, panels and DJ party all in celebration of our digital fashion collab with World of Women. Thanks to RLTY for such great work and we are looking forward to our next collaboration!

Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira

Co-Founder - The Fabricant

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