Build Your Metaverse Experience In Minutes: RLTY Launches Customizable Virtual Events Platform For Brands

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RLTY, a no-code virtual experience builder for event organisers, has announced the launch of its private metaverse RLTY World. In a few clicks, Fortune 500 companies, brands, artists and web3 natives can design, build and launch their own metaverse experience. In minutes. RLTY World gives full customization capabilities, unparalleled social interaction, photo-realistic design, security, scalability and privacy. 

Features for organisers and features for attendees

Virtual event organisers that use RLTY World can access a suite of easy-to-use creator tools and a range of features existing platforms can’t match. The most significant are the social interaction features such as geospatial voice chat, visio/camera zones, and thanks to RLTY’s use of the Unity Game Engine, photo-realistic graphics. Attendees can interact with the virtual environment, and each-other, in a more immersive and human way than ever before. Additional features include customizable NFT wearables and integration with Ready Player Me. 

Avatar Integration with Ready Player Me 

People interact with the metaverse using avatars. For the highest quality experience, RLTY is integrating the Ready Player Me avatar API into RLTY World. Ready Player Me avatars interact seamlessly with the geospatial audio, video and developer tools in RLTY World and are widely respected as the best in the business. For first-time users, RLTY provides over 30 ready-to-use Ready Player Me avatars suitable for any event or experience.  

Secure, customizable and scalable virtual experiences

With a capacity of 20,000 users per space, RLTY World is scalable. Unlike existing metaverse platforms that randomly place avatars in ‘instances’, users in RLTY can control which ‘instance’ they connect to, making it easy for users to connect with their immediate network. 

Because it’s hosted on RLTY servers, client data and content are protected and organisers have the authority to eject unsavoury visitors from events. RLTY is focused on delivering a rich and engaging experience for attendees, with features and real-time tracking of key performance indicators, whilst giving organisers the control to create their events in their own vision.

“We don’t want to create ten thousand empty spaces,” said Zack Sabban, co-founder of RLTY. “We are concentrating on a few spaces that are rich in features, quality and customization. Metaverse experiences where brands can track core KPIS - average time spent, interaction, social interaction. The things that matter for event organisers.” 

Why does web3 demand RLTY World

In 2022, RLTY created and launched over 30 metaverse events across major metaverse platforms. From a 3-day digital fashion experience with Fabricant and World of Women and the Metaverse Summit, to NFT Cannes and web3 mega-event NFT Expoverse in L.A. RLTY have experienced almost every facet of event organisation in the metaverse. They discovered that accessibility, design, security, social interaction, scalability and the overall experience was not sufficient. There was massive room for improvement, and so RLTY developed their own proprietary environment, RLTY World. 

“We’re fighting against the idea the metaverse is empty by hosting buzzing, immersive and brand specific events,” said co-founder Raphaël Assouline. “We’re fighting against the idea the metaverse is boring by having incredible, customizable and entertaining features.” 

In the metaverse, speed is of the essence

Current metaverse platforms have long loading times and slow frame rates. To experience them anywhere near their full capacity, a powerful and expensive computer is mandatory. Not so in RLTY World. It loads instantly from a web-browser, even with a regular laptop. 

RLTY World gives attendees unmatched speed and accessibility. But what about those creating the events? How long does it take to build a fully-customizable, brand specific metaverse experience? 

This question has been both the challenge and the solution for RLTY. Most brands (and even web3 natives) believe it takes weeks, and most likely months. In RLTY World, brands can design and build a metaverse experience in minutes. 

The time scale could be longer, depending on customization, but even the most ambitious projects can be designed and built in days. It will never be as easy to create and launch your metaverse event or experience. And we’re not just speaking about permanent spaces, but pop-up metaverse events, conferences, festivals, talks and team building events.

The RLTY World Use Case

RLTY has identified six major verticals for its private metaverse:

  • Corporate events
  • Web3 Gathering
  • Conferences
  • Art 
  • Music 
  • Shop & retail experiences 

Big names are taking notice and partnering with RLTY to bring their events and experiences to the metaverse. They have already signed partnerships with an array of Fortune 500 companies, brands, household names and global events. News on the collaborations will be released very soon.

RLTY can’t work with everyone. Places for collaborations are limited. For brands that fall within the defined verticals and who are looking to bring their business to a virtual environment, get in touch with the team. Before it’s too late. 

For more information, or to get started with RLTY, please contact the team at

About RLTY

RLTY is a no-code platform that makes it simple for brands to build metaverse events in a few clicks. From concerts, festivals, art galleries, and conferences, to fashion shows and corporate events, RLTY has a suite of easy-to-use tools for every virtual event.

For further information, please contact:

Zack Sabban - Co-founder RLTY -


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