Why Metaverse Concerts are Here to Stay

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DeadMau5. Travis Scott. Steve Aoki. These artists headline arenas yet still choose to host events in the metaverse.

What’s their incentive?

We would never argue that metaverse concerts could replace live music concerts. Instead, we want to discuss how metaverse concerts can create new ways to experience music performances that already complement the digital world. We also want to explain why major artists and event organizers are dipping their toes into the virtual world.

Imagine more dynamic Spotify releases or rewatching Coachella 2016 in an immersive digital world. That’s what gets us excited. Now let’s explore the possibilities of metaverse concerts for music fans, brands, and organizers.

Why You (The Fan) Should Start Going to Metaverse Concerts

The in-person experience is irreplaceable for superfans, and those perfect nights enjoying great music with your friends and family. But e’ve all been to concerts on those not-perfect nights. Maybe the lines were too long, your seats were a little more ‘budget’ than ideal, or you didn’t enjoy the music. Insert the metaverse.

One of the major advantages for fans going to metaverse concerts is that every person has a front-row seat — a perfect viewing experience for all. Those three tall guys blocking your view will never be an issue in the metaverse, and fans can move freely about the venue space.

Because of this, they can also interact with one another in a way not possible in real life. This allows attendees to show off their best virtual fashion as well, without any worry someone will spill a drink on them. Check out this video of one Decentraland concert attendee below

Next to the viewing experience, another great advantage of the metaverse concert is the lack of geographical location. This allows people to attend from anywhere in the world without traveling, dealing with logistics, or worrying about who’s driving home.

In-person concerts take a considerable time commitment for attendees, whereas in the metaverse, all you have to do is break out your computer, and you are there. Fans from all over the world who otherwise wouldn’t have the time or money to attend a concert together can now easily interact in a virtual world set up for their favorite artist.

Like time and money, virtual nature gives people who don’t have the physical ability to attend concerts a chance to join in with everyone else, a beautiful thing.

Finally, a straightforward thing that makes metaverse concerts a no-brainer option for fans: ticket prices. Tickets are usually much cheaper than their live show counterparts, especially for more famous artists.

Always wanted to go to Lolapalooza but couldn’t justify the $450 ticket price? Metaverse concerts can be a great alternative.

Why The Organizers Should Start Planning Metaverse Concerts

The bull case for attendees is there, but what about folks working behind the scenes to pull these events off?

For organizers, venue and vendor costs and availabilities are two of the most significant stress points. In the metaverse, they don’t have to deal with those problems! This makes organizing an event less time intensive for organizers, something we are sure they appreciate.

Virtual concerts also provide new streams of revenue for organizers. First, they can sell digital merchandise. Organizers can even use this as a chance to partner with brands looking to get into the virtual fashion game (read more about that here). Virtual merch doesn’t have the physical restrictions a typical concert t-shirt would, easing some logistical stress.

Merch could also double as a POAP (read more about those here), allowing organizers to create a longer-term relationship with the attendees through future benefits or airdrops.

In addition to revenue, the metaverse allows organizers to create venues, effects, and partnerships that would not be possible in the real world. For example, check out this concert where Post Malone performed in a world of Pokemon.

Why The Artists Should Start Playing Metaverse Concerts

The most enticing reason for artists to try the waters of virtual concerts is access to their fanbase. The metaverse makes it easy to interact with anyone you want who is there, providing a safe environment to “meet and greet” with fans. These interactions can be more intimate than in real life when artists are pressed for time.

Another great advantage for artists and organizers is that you can reach a much larger number of people. Virtual concerts are not limited to the venue capacity. Last year, for example, Travis Scott performed in Fortnite and had more than 27 million people tuning in. If you want to check out who’s been performing in the metaverse, you can do so here or check out the Fortnite performance below.

Not everyone is Travis Scott, but that shouldn’t deter smaller artists. Metaverse concerts would be an excellent way for an up-and-coming artist to get some exposure with much upfront cost. Additionally, from the fan’s perspective, they might be more willing to see someone in the metaverse they do not know, as it is less of a financial and time commitment.

How do I find metaverse concerts to attend?

While there are many places to get involved with different concerts, we recommend checking out the music events homepage on Decentraland to see what’s happening. You can even easily add them to your calendar.

How do I host an event in the metaverse?

You can contact us to discuss setting up a metaverse event for your business.

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